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What does a TH5 thermogram look like?

An industry-standard breast thermography report will rate each breast with a TH (thermobiological) score for each breast, ranging from TH1 to TH5. The greater the severity of thermal findings in a breast, the greater the TH rating, and the risk of developing breast cancer increases with higher TH ratings. Here's a look at a patient with a TH5 in the left breast, representing the highest risk for developing breast cancer.

The first four images are all the same image but are displayed in different variations of gray-scale and color. Space Coast Thermography provides these four versions of every patient image taken and are added to the patient's final report. The fifth image is the bilateral gray-scale image showing the temperature differences of a specific point on each breast - one temperature point on the obvious inflamed area of one breast and one temperature point on the same location of the other breast.

Normally, breast temperatures should be symmetrical between the left and right breasts, but as you can see in this case the left breast (on the right side of the image) is more than 4 degrees Celsius hotter than the right breast. Any variance of 1 degree Celsius or more of asymmetry between the breasts is considered to be an area of concern. This fifth image is an example of the detail that is provided by our interpreting doctor in his patient reports to make the findings a little easier to understand. In this case, the patient was able to take our images and the thermography report to her doctor and had an ultrasound done which confirmed the thermography findings.

Thermography works, and in this case the patient did not need to subject herself to the radiation from a mammogram! Space Coast Thermography offers breast and full body thermography in Melbourne, FL and throughout Brevard County. Call 321-574-9014 or visit

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