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Not all clinics are equal... Space Coast Thermography uses the

top technology in the medical infrared industry today.

When choosing a thermal imaging clinic, make sure your provider is following proper protocols and is using the most up-to-date equipment to ensure accurate results.

It is crucially important that thermal images are taken in high resolution greyscale where the vascularity of the body can be carefully studied.  Trained thermologists then use specifically designed software to view & interpret the images in both greyscale and various color palettes.

Please review the options below and then call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.  Or, Book Online now to reserve your date and time and pay when you come in for your visit.

Breast Study

The Breast Series consists of  7-9 images of your breasts at all angles. Also looks at thyroid and hormonal patterns.  Breast Thermography is an excellent preventative risk assessment tool and can identify patterns associated with breast cancer 5-7 years before traditional methods.

*It is recommended that you wait 6 months after the completion of lactation for the most valid results

Women's Health Study   $350

Images to include face, neck/thyroid, breast or chest, upper back, full spine, and abdomen.

Women's Full Body   $500

Images to include those from the Health Study, plus images of the arms, hands, legs, feet, and glutes.



Discover the history of medical thermography, learn how breast thermography works and the importance of selecting the right camera and provider, and more!

LOW COST LAB TESTS without a prescription.  We have partnered with Ulta Labs Tests to offer our visitors an easy and affordable option for ordering lab tests.  Order your test HERE, visit a participating lab nearby, and then review your results on their secure patient portal.  For example, a lot of women suffer from symptoms caused by a "Hormonal Imbalance", and the only way to know for sure is to do a hormone panel.  When women are out of balance, like being estrogen dominant, they have a much higher risk of Breast Cancer. A good preventative health care program should include monitoring your hormones on a regular basis and getting thermal imaging. When you get  an accurate assessment you and your health care professional  can then determine what treatment plan is right for you.

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